Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX1415.C1 G5 History of the Catholic church in California. 1
BX1415.C1 W35 1995 A bibliographical gathering : the writings of Msgr. Francis J. Weber, 1953-1993. 1
BX1415.C1 W36 1990 Century of fulfillment : the Roman Catholic Church in southern California, 1840-1947 / 1
BX1415.C1 W37 Documents of California Catholic history, 1784-1963, 1
BX 1415 C1 W37r Readings in California Catholic history, 1
BX 1415 C1 W37s A select guide to California Catholic history, 1
BX1415.C1 W45 1988 Vignettes of California Catholicism / 1
BX1415.C15 +S7 1963 The five Franciscan churches of Mission Santa Clara, 1777-1825; a documentation. 1
BX1415.C7 C7 1877 The Connecticut Catholic year book : being an epitome of the history of the church, in the Diocese of Hartford, from April, 1876 to May, 1877 ... / 1
BX1415.C7 D8 1930 The Catholic Church in Connecticut, 1
BX1415.C7 M96 1935 The beginnings of Roman Catholicism in Connecticut. 1
BX1415.C8 D54 1987 The Catholic Church in Fairfield County, 1666-1961 / 1
BX1415.C8 K4 Catholics in Eastern Connecticut : the Diocese of Norwich / 1
BX1415.C8 L5 1980 European immigrants and the Catholic Church in Connecticut, 1870-1920 / 1
BX1415.C8 L56 1987 European immigrants and the Catholic Church in Connecticut, 1870-1920 / 1
BX1415.F6 +G19 The cross in the sand; the early Catholic Church in Florida, 1513-1870 1
BX1415.I2 M6 Illinois Catholic historical review.
Mid-America; an historical review.
BX1415.I3 D6 The Catholic Church in Indiana / 1
BX1415.I3 M1 1940 The Catholic church in Indiana, 1789-1834, 1
BX1415.I6 K3 History of the Catholic church in Iowa. Part I. Comprising information of the early days, origin and progress of the diocese of Dubuque, missions amongst the Indian tribes, together with a chapter on Rt. Rev. Dr. Smyth and Rt. Rev. Dr. Hennessy. 1