Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX1415.C8 L56 1987 European immigrants and the Catholic Church in Connecticut, 1870-1920 / 1
BX1415.F6 +G19 The cross in the sand; the early Catholic Church in Florida, 1513-1870 1
BX1415.I3 D6 The Catholic Church in Indiana / 1
BX1415.I3 M1 1940 The Catholic church in Indiana, 1789-1834, 1
BX1415.I6 K3 History of the Catholic church in Iowa. Part I. Comprising information of the early days, origin and progress of the diocese of Dubuque, missions amongst the Indian tribes, together with a chapter on Rt. Rev. Dr. Smyth and Rt. Rev. Dr. Hennessy. 1
BX1415.K1 B3 1943 The Catholic church on the Kansas frontier, 1850-1877 ... 1
BX1415.K1 K5 The history of our cradle land (Miami and Linn Counties); Catholic Indian missions and missionaries of Kansas; the pioneers on the prairies; notes on St. Mary's Mission, Sugar Creek, Linn County; Holy Trinity Church, Paola, Miami County; Holy Rosary Church, Wea; Immaculate Conception, B. V. M., Louisburg; St. Philip's Church, Osawatomie; Church of the Assumption, Edgerton, Johnson County; to which is added a short sketch of the Ursuline Academy at Paola; the diary of Father Hoecken, and old Indian records. 1
BX1415.K3 R1 1936 The Catholic church on the Kentucky frontier (1785-1812) 1
BX1415.K3 W3 The centenary of Catholicity in Kentucky, 1
BX1415.M2 L9 1957 The Catholic church in Maine. 1
BX1415.M3 Shaping American Catholicism : Maryland and New York, 1805-1915 / 1
BX1415.M3 C5 Mr. Gladstone and Maryland toleration / 1
BX1415.M3 F37 2012 Papist patriots : the making of an American Catholic identity / 2
BX1415.M3 G2 1934 Catholic beginnings in Maryland. 1
BX1415.M3 R3 Conewago : a collection of Catholic local history : gathered from the fields of Catholic missionary labor within our reach ... / 1
BX1415.M3 S7 Catholic colonial Maryland; a sketch 1
BX1415.M3 S79 A Century of Growth or, the history of the Church in Western Maryland 1
BX1415.M67 H71 On the mission in Missouri, 1857-1868. 1
BX1415.M67 R84 The Missouri priest one hundred years ago : address of Rev. John Rothensteiner at the observance of Missouri's centennial celebration at Columbia, Mo., January 8th, 1918. 1
BX1415.M7 P1 Indian and white in the Northwest; or, A history of Catholicity in Montana. 1