Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX1417.M68 A51 The administration of John Quinlan, second bishop of Mobile, 1859-1883. 1
BX1417.N43 D45 2011 Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark / 1
BX1417.N49 +N65 2000 A history of the Archdiocese of New Orleans / 1
BX1417.N5 D53 1993 Oxcart Catholicism on Fifth Avenue : the impact of the Puerto Rican migration upon the Archdiocese of New York / 1
BX1417.O25 C6 1999 A parochial and institutional history of the Diocese of Oakland : 1962-1972, and two centuries of background / 1
BX1417.O3 S6 A history of the diocese of Ogdensburg / 1
BX1417.O4 +T4 1955 This is Christ in Oklahoma : the Golden Jubilee Yearbook of the Diocese of Oklahoma City and Tulsa / 1
BX1417.P47 H57 The History of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia / 1
BX1417.P47 R87 2008 In silent prayer : a history of ministry with the deaf in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, 1846-2008 / 1
BX1417.P5 K45 2009eb The transformation of American Catholicism : the Pittsburgh laity and the Second Vatican Council, 1950-1972 / 1
BX1417.P6 C3 1943 Catholic Pittsburgh's one hundred years, 1
BX1417.P8 +D58 Diocese of Portland, Maine : centenary, 1853-1953 : history outlines. 1
BX1417.P8 +L36 2003 The Catholic Church in the land of the Holy Cross : a history of the diocese of Portland, Maine / 1
BX1417.P9 H38 Catholicism in Rhode Island and the Diocese of Providence 1780-1886 / 1
BX1417.R5 B1 1956 A history of the Diocese of Richmond, the formative years. 1
BX1417.R5 F64 2001 Commonwealth Catholicism : a history of the Catholic Church in Virginia / 1
BX1417.R5 M2 The Catholic Church in the city and diocese of Richmond. 1
BX1417.R6 M16 The Diocese of Rochester, 1868-1968, 1
BX1417.R6 +O5 To believe in a vision / 1
BX1417.S13 K2 1946 Catholics and the practice of faith; a census study of the diocese of Saint Augustine, 1