Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX2179.I2 D5 1913 The morning watch : The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius / 1
BX 2179 I2 D5 1913a The morning watch; the Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius proposed by Father Ignatius Diertins, S.J. 1
BX2179.I2 D6 1954 The dogmatic foundations of the Spiritual Exercises : the theology of the Exercises, fully grapsed and personally realized, enriches souls, sanctifies society / 1
BX2179.I2 D67 1959 The Heart of Ignatius; the Ignatian concepts of the honor and service of God. 1
BX2179.I2 E33 1976 The spiritual exercises and the Ignatian mystical horizon / 1
BX2179.I2 E47 1995 Spiritual freedom : from an experience of the Ignatian exercises to the art of spiritual guidance / 1
BX2179.I2 E5 1938 Meditations from the Spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius : in loose-leaf, suitable for laymen's retreats with a foreward to the retreat master / 1
BX2179.I2 E5 1964 The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. 1
BX2179.I2 E5 1996 On giving the Spiritual exercises : the early Jesuit manuscript directories and the Official directory of 1599 / 1
BX2179.I2 E53 1987 The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola : a new translation by Elisabeth Meier Tetlow. 1
BX2179.I2 E77 Problematic of the Spiritual exercises today / 1
BX2179.I2 F3 1885 Commentarii in librum Exercitiorum B.P. Ignatii Loiolaei; 1
BX2179.I2 F56 1983 Modern spiritual exercises : a contemporary reading of The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius / 1
BX2179.I2 F59 1978 The spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius : a literal translation and a contemporary reading / 1
BX2179.I2 F76 From Loyola to La Mancha. 1
BX2179.I2 F78 1998 Las fuentes de los ejercicios espirituales de San Ignacio: Actas del Simposio Internacional (Loyola, 15-19 septiembre 1997) / 1
BX2179.I2 G17 1991 Ignatius of Loyola : the Spiritual exercises and selected works / 1
BX2179.I2 G2 Ejercicios espirituales de San Ignacio de Loyola : fundador de la Compañia de Jesús / 1
BX2179.I2 G26 1829 Introductio ad solidam perfectionem per manuductionum ad S.N.P. Ignatii Exercitia spiritualia integro mense obeunda. 1
BX2179.I2 G4 Jesuit spirituality; leading ideas of the Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, 1