Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX2250 .K29 Divorce and remarriage for Catholics? 1
BX2250 .K35 What a modern Catholic believes about marriage. 1
BX2250 .K39 1964 The theology of marriage; the historical development of Christian attitudes toward sex and sanctity in marriage. 1
BX2250 .K56 1991 Sex and the marriage covenant : a basis for morality / 1
BX2250 .K8 1947 Marriage, the great mystery, 1
BX2250 .L369 1993 Marriage and sacrament : a theology of Christian marriage / 1
BX2250 .L37 1985 Secular marriage, Christian sacrament / 1
BX2250 .L383 Monks on marriage, a twelfth-century view / 1
BX2250 .L66 Love & sexuality / 1
BX2250 .L7 Holy matrimony / 1
BX2250 .L89 Pre-nuptial guarantees according to the jurisprudence of the Holy Office / 1
BX2250 .L9 1950 The essential structure of marriage; a study of the Thomistic teaching on the natural institution. 1
BX2250 .M12 Christian marriage for moderns : course for engaged and young married couples / 1
BX2250 .M13 1963 The meaning of Christian marriage. 1
BX2250 .M16 When, whom & how to marry / 1
BX2250 .M2 Working papers on the theology of marriage. 1
BX2250 .M21 The tribunal reporter; a comprehensive study of the grounds for the annulment of marriage in the Catholic Church, 1
BX2250 .M226 1989 The marital sacrament / 1
BX2250 .M23 What is marriage? / 1
BX2250 .M2654 1999 A Catholic handbook for engaged and newly married couples / 1