Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX2461 .M7 1896 The monks of the West from St. Benedict to St. Bernard. 1
BX2461 .M7 1912 The monks of the West, from St. Benedict to St. Bernard, 1
BX2461 .M91 Of cell and cloister; Catholic religious orders through the ages. 1
BX2461 .O1 1921 Monasticism and civilization. 1
BX2461 .W8 1902 A short history of monks and monasteries, 1
BX2461 .W9 1962 The evolution of the monastic ideal, from the earliest times down to the coming of the friars; a second chapter in the history of Christian renunciation, 1
BX2461.2 .K73 From Pachomius to Ignatius: a study in the constitutional history of the religious orders. 1
BX 2461.2 K73c Christian monasticism. 1
BX2461.2 .M69 The heresy of monasticism; the Christian monks: types and anti-types; an historical survey 1
BX2461.2 .S17 The abbot in monastic tradition; a contribution to the history of the perpetual character of the office of religious superiors in the West. 1
BX2461.2 .W58 1994 The rise and decline of Catholic religious orders : a social movement perspective / 1
BX2461.3 .R37 2011 The Lord as their portion : the story of the religious orders and how they shaped our world / 1
BX2462 .G2 Monastic life in the Middle Ages, with a note on Great Britain and the Holy See, 1792-1806, 1
BX2462 .H5 Francis and Dominic and the mendicant orders, 1
BX2465 .B87 1993 The Word in the desert : scripture and the quest for holiness in early Christian monasticism / 1
BX2465 .C314 1682 Les conferences de Cassien / 1
BX2465 .C31514 1955 Conférences. 1
BX2465 .C54 The desert a city: an introduction to the study of Egyptian and Palestinian monasticism under the Christian Empire, 1
BX2465 .D29 1964 Monks and civilization, from the barbarian invasions to the reign of Charlemagne. Translated by Charlotte Haldane. 1
BX2465 .H59 Der ursprung des mönchtums, 1