Call Number (LC) Title Results
BX9422.5 .R44 1997 Reformed theology in America : a history of its modern development / 1
BX9422.5 .S45 2017 Testimony and Tradition : Studies in Reformed and Dissenting Thought. 1
BX9423.A77 S44 1999 Seeing beyond the word : visual arts and the Calvinist tradition / 1
BX9423.C43 U55 2007eb The unity of the church : a theological state of the art and beyond / 1
BX9423.C5 BX9423.C5E48 1998 The Body Broken : the Calvinist Doctrine of the Eucharist and the Symbolization of Power in Sixteenth-Century France. 1
BX9423.C5 .B354 2015 Participation in Christ and Eucharistic Formation John Calvin and the Theodrama of the Lord's Supper. 1
BX9423.C5 E48 1999 The Body broken : the Calvinist doctrine of the Eucharist and the symbolization of power in sixteenth-century France / 1
BX9423.D45C35 2014 The Kuyper Center Review, volume 4 : Calvinism and Democracy. 1
BX9423.P65 B46 2020 Season of conspiracy : Calvin, the French Reformed Churches, and Protestant plotting in the reign of Francis II (1559-60) / 1
BX9423.S63 G67 2003eb The disciplinary revolution : Calvinism and the rise of the state in early modern Europe / 1
BX9423.S63 S53 2017eb Understanding legitimacy : political theory and Neo-Calvinist social thought. 1
BX9423.S63 V47 2020 Reformed resurgence : the new Calvinist movement and the battle over American evangelicalism / 1
BX9424 On Calvinism /
After Calvin : studies in the development of a theological tradition /
BX9424.A2 K29 A treatise of the hierarchie, 1
BX9424.A2 N6 1686 Les pretendus reformez convaincus de schisme, pour servir de réponse tant à un ecrit intitulé Considerations sur les lettres circulaires de l'assemblée du clergé de France de l'année 1682 : qu'a un livre intitulé Defense de la Reformation contre les prêjugez legitimes par Monsieur Claude, ministre de Charenton en l'an 1673. 1
BX9424.A2 N6 1699 Prejugez légitimes contre les Calvinistes. 1
BX9424 .O1 A critical review of Mr. J.K. Converse's Calvinistic sermon : also of the erroneous propositions of two innovators / 1
BX9424.5.E5 C9 1949 The reception of Calvinistic thought in England. 1
BX9424.5.F8 A73 Calvinism and the Amyraut heresy; Protestant scholasticism and humanism in seventeenth-century France 1
BX9424.5.N4 C35 2002eb Calvinism and religious toleration in the Dutch Golden Age / 1