Call Number (LC) Title Results
CS71.H28 B6 A narrative history of the Harrington family in Worcester, Massachusetts / 1
CS71.H3 L8 1951 The Hawthornes; the story of seven generations of an American family. 1
CS71 .H35 H35 Ralph Waldo Emerson; his maternal ancestors, with some reminiscences of him. 1
CS71 .H386 1843 The genealogy of the descendants of Richard Haven: of Lynn, Massachusetts, who emigrated from England about two hundred years ago; among whom through his sons John, Nathaniel, and Moses, of Framingham, are all the graduates of that name at Cambridge, Dartmouth, Providence, and Amherst. 1
CS71.H6115 H4 Supp. 1924 Supplement to Richard Higgins and his descendants / 1
CS71.H637 1918 Richard Higgins, a resident and pioneer settler at Plymouth and Eastham, Massachusetts, and at Piscataway, New Jersey, and his descendants, 1
CS71 .H78 1986 The Howe family from Massachusetts to New York : a story of Lester Howe, his ancestors and the Howe Caverns / 1
CS71.H9 A3 The autobiography of Levi Hutchins: 1
CS71.J2 G7 The three Jameses; a family of minds, Henry James, Sr., William James, Henry James, 1
CS71 .J28 1934 Alice James, her brothers - her journal, edited with an introduction, 1
CS71.J4 J4 Jeffries of Massachusetts, 1658-1914, 1
CS71.K3 D5 1959 The Kennedy family. 1
CS71.K3 M1 1960 The remarkable Kennedys. 1
CS71.L4 L4 1957 Lee chronicle : studies of the early generations of the Lees of Virginia / 1
CS71.L46 +L46 1993 A tale of two families : past, present and future / 1
CS71.L9 G8 1946 The Lowells and their seven worlds ... 1
CS71 .M11 1909 A study in the origin and signification of the surname McAleer and a contribution to the McAleer genealogy. 1
CS71.M12 O1 The McCarthys in early American history, 1
CS71.M8 M8 1949 The Moran family; 200 years in Detroit. 1
CS71.M82 The Responsible Conduct of Research in the Health Sciences. 1