Call Number (LC) Title Results
CT275.G24 W9 1910 Proceedings of the Worcester County Bar and Superior Court in memory of Francis Almon Gaskill, Justice of the Superior Court, and Memorial address, delivered by President Faunce, of Brown University. 1
CT275.G248 A3 2001 How I came into my inheritance : and other true stories / 1
CT275.G27 C3 Isabella Stewart Gardner and Fenway court, 1
CT275.G47 A3 2013 Lucky that way : rediscovering my father's world / 1
CT275.G5 H5 1923 Stephen Girard, founder, 1
CT275.G5 M1 The life and times of Stephen Girard, mariner and merchant. 1
CT275.G5 W6 1943 Lonely Midas; the story of Stephen Girard, 1
CT275.G52 A3 1944 Boot straps, the autobiography of Tom M. Girdler, 1
CT275.G54 A3 1909 Recollections, 1
CT275.G6 G8 1957 Jay Gould, his business career, 1867-1892. 1
CT275.G6 O18 1962 Gould's millions. 1
CT275.G6 O3 1981 Life and death of Jay Gould, and how he made his millions / 1
CT275.G6 W2 1929 Jay Gould; the story of a fortune, 1
CT275.G628 J36 1993 Merchant adventurer : the story of W.R. Grace / 1
CT275.G69 A3 1947 Yankee drummer. 1
CT275.G7 D8 1944 Mentor Graham, the man who taught Lincoln. 1
CT275.G77 A3 1930 California memories, 1857-1930 / 1
CT275.G77345 A3 1995eb The mystic leeway / 1
CT275.G79 L67 1963 The day they shook the plum tree. 1
CT275.G81 M68 William Gregg, factory master of the Old South. 1