Call Number (LC) Title Results
D743.9 .B92 American unity and Asia 1
D743.9 .B92w What America means to me 1
D743.9 .C2 1948 Lettres à un ami allemand; 1
D743.9 .C518 An address by the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill ... December 26th, 1941. 1
D743.9 .E38 1945 Guildhall address in London and the address before the Congress in Washington, June 1945 / 1
D743.9 .L898 2015 Curieuses Histoires de 39-45 : Histoires inconnues d'une guerre que l'on croyait connaître. 1
D743.9 .M34 Pour la justice. Articles et discours (1940-1945) 1
D743.9 .N53 The New Yorker book of war pieces. 1
D743.9 .S81 Once there was a war. 1
D744 Crisis of genocide. the European rimlands 1939-1953 /
Making Sense of War : the Second World War and the Fate of the Bolshevik Revolution.
D744 .B44 1993 The European home fronts, 1939-1945 / 1
D744 .B7 1943 Common cause. 1
D744 .D79 1994 Dirty little secrets of World War II : military information no one told you about the greatest, most terrible war in history / 1
D744 .G8 1944 World words, recommended pronunciations 1
D744 .L44 1999 World War II / 1
D744 .M372 1994 World War II : 4,139 strange and fascinating facts / 1
D744 .R2 1941 The redemption of democracy, the coming Atlantic empire. 1
D744 .T58 2021ab Attacked at sea a true World War II story of a family's fight for survival / 1
D744.2 .A5 1945 American chaplains of the Fifth Army. 1
D744.2 .C9 1945 Soldiers of God 1