Call Number (LC) Title Results
DA155 .L43 Early Anglo-Saxon art and archaeology; being the Rhind lectures, delivered in Edinburgh, 1935, 1
DA155 .M38 1947 Culture in early Anglo-Saxon England; a study with illustrations. 1
DA155 .Q4 1927 Everyday life in Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Norman times, 1
DA155 .V69 1992eb Voyage to the Other World : the Legacy of Sutton Hoo. 1
DA155 .W7 1960 The Anglo-Saxons. 1
DA158 .D69 2008eb Viking kings of Britain and Ireland : the dynasty of Ívarr to A.D. 1014 / 1
DA158.H34 Northern Danelaw : Its Social Structure, c.800-1100. 1
DA158 .L68 1977b The Vikings in Britain / 1
DA158 .V55 1997eb Vikings and the Danelaw : select papers from the proceedings of the Thirteenth Viking Congress, Nottingham and York, 21-30 August 1997 / 1
DA160 .B65 2009eb The empire of Cnut the Great : conquest and the consolidation of power in Northern Europe in the early eleventh century / 1
DA160 .L39 1993 Cnut : the Danes in England in the early eleventh century / 1
DA160 .S73 1997 Queen Emma and Queen Edith : queenship and women's power in eleventh-century England / 1
DA170 Using concepts in Medieval history : perspectives on Britain and Ireland, 1100-1500 / 1
DA170 .B3 Chronicon Monasterii de bello. Nunc primum typis mandatum. 1
DA170 +C46 English royal documents: King John - Henry VI, 1199-1461. 1
DA170 .C5 1956 The records of medieval England; an inaugural lecture. 1
DA170 .C73 1994 The letters of the queens of England, 1100-1547 / 1
DA170 .D2 Documents illustrating the history of civilization in medieval England, 1066-1500. 1
DA170 .G14 1951 Historical research in medieval England. 1
DA170 .J6 The chronicles of John and Richard of Hexham. The chronicle of Holyrood. The chronicle of Melrose. Jordan Fantosme's chronicle. Documents respecting Canterbury and Winchester. 1