Call Number (LC) Title Results
DA315 .R2 1936 The Tudors; personalities and practical politics in sixteenth century England, 1
DA315 .R2 1968 The Tudors; personalities and practical politics in sixteenth century England. 1
DA315 .R3 1940 The Tudors and Stuarts, 1
DA315 .R45 2003 Religion, politics, and society in sixteenth-century England / 1
DA315 .R49 2005 The Tudors / 1
DA315 .R78 Conflicts in Tudor and Stuart England: a selection of articles from History today with an original introductory essay in Ivan Roots. 1
DA315 .R96 The crisis of Parliaments: English history 1509-1660. 1
DA315 .S56 The precarious balance: English government and society, 1450-1640. 1
DA315 .S65 1986 Treason in Tudor England : politics and paranoia / 1
DA315 .T2 1924 Tudor economic documents; being select documents illustrating the economic and social history of Tudor England, 1
DA315 .T46 1999 Authority and disorder in Tudor times, 1485-1603 / 1
DA315 .T58 1998 The Reformation and the towns in England : politics and political culture, c. 1540-1640 / 1
DA315 .T754 2005 Tudor England and its neighbours / 1
DA315 .T76 1995 Tudor political culture / 1
DA315 .W15 1964 The Tudor-Stuart period of English history (1485-1714): a review of changing interpretations. 1
DA315 .W49 Before the Armada: the emergence of the English Nation, 1485-1588 1
DA315 .W7 1953 The Tudor Age. 1
DA315 .W72 The making of the Tudor despotism, 1
DA315 .W79 1963 A short history of sixteenth-century England. 1
DA316 .C38 A declaration 1