Call Number (LC) Title Results
DA391.1.C4 A3 1939 The letters of John Chamberlain, 1
DA391.1.C4 A3 1965 The Chamberlain letters; a selection of the letters of John Chamberlain concerning life in England from 1597 to 1626. 1
DA391.1.C6 B7 1957 The lion and the throne; the life and times of Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634). 1
DA391.1.C6 B7 1957b The lion and the throne; the life and times of Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) 1
DA391.1.C6 J6 1845 The life of Sir Edward Coke, lord chief justice of England in the reign of James I., with memoirs of his contemporaries/ 1
DA391.1.C6 L9 1929 Edward Coke, oracle of the law ... 1
DA391.1.H5 A3 1877 Lives of Lord Herbert of Cherbury and Thomas Ellwood. 1
DA391.1.H5 A3 1907 An autobiography of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury; 1
DA391.1.R67 L88 2023 Family and feuding at the court of James l : the Lake and Cecil scandals / 1
DA391.1.S7 L4 The notorious Lady Essex 1
DA391.1.S7 L55 1993 The trials of Frances Howard : fact and fiction at the court of King James / 1
DA391.1.S8 A31 Shakespeare and the Earl of Southampton, 1
DA391.1.S8 R88 Shakespeare's Southampton, patron of Virginia, 1
DA391.1.S88 C96 William Strachey, 1572-1621 1
DA391.1.S9 A4 1994 The letters of Lady Arbella Stuart / 1
DA391.1.W93 .S65 The life and letters of Sir Henry Wotton, 1
DA392 .F76 1996 Faith and treason : the story of the Gunpowder Plot / 1
DA392 .G2 What gunpowder plot was. 1
DA392 .G3 What was the Gunpowder Plot? The traditional story tested by original evidence. 1
DA392 .G3c The condition of Catholics under James I. Father Gerard's Narrative of the Gunpowder Plot, 1