Call Number (LC) Title Results
DA962 .A5in 1921 The American Commission on Conditions in Ireland : interim report. 1
DA962 .A51 1921 Report of the Irish White Cross to 31st August, 1922. / 1
DA962 .A52 1922 Tuairisg oifigiúil; díosbóireacht ar an gConnradh idir Éire agus Sasana do signigheadh i Lundain ar an 6adh lá de mhí na nodlag, 1921. Official report; debate on the Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland signed in London on the 6th December, 1921. 1
DA962 .B43 1995 The Black and Tans / 1
DA962 .B78 Englishmen and Irish troubles: British public opinion and the making of Irish policy, 1918-22 1
DA962 .C37 1963 The Easter rebellion. 1
DA962 .C5 Irish impressions / 1
DA962 .D1 With the Dublin brigade (1917-1921) / 1
DA962 .D2 1921 What Sinn Fein stands for; the Irish republican movement; its history, aims and ideals, examined as to their siginificance to the world, 1
DA962 .D27 The damnable question : a study in Anglo-Irish relations / 1
DA962 .D3 Red terror and green; the Sinn-Fein-bolshevist movement, 1
DA962 .D4 1923 The drama of Sinn Fein, 1
DA962 .D688 Cuimhneachán 1916; [catalogue of] a commemorative exhibition of the Irish rebellion, 1916. 1
DA962 .D8 1919 La République d'Irlande et la presse française. 1
DA962 .E5 England, Germany and the Irish question, 1
DA962 .E74 Ireland an enemy of the allies? (L'Irlande-ennemie?) 1
DA962 .E9 A journey in Ireland, 1
DA962 .F36 1995 Letters from Dublin, Easter 1916 : Alfred Fannin's diary of the rising / 1
DA962 .F4 1919 A second chronicle of jails / 1
DA962 .F67 2015 Vivid faces : the revolutionary generation in Ireland, 1890-1923 / 1