Call Number (LC) Title Results
DB935 .T25 Hungary and Kossuth: or, An American exposition of the late Hungarian revolution. 1
DB937 .D42 2001 The lawful revolution : Louis Kossuth and the Hungarians, 1848-1849 / 1
DB937 .H4 The life of Louis Kossuth, governor of Hungary, including notices of the men and scenes of the Hungarian revolution; to which is added an appendix containing his principal speeches, &c. 1
DB937.3 .A3 Kossuth in New England : a full account of the Hungarian governor's visit to Massachusetts, with his speeches, and addresses that were made to him. 1
DB937.3 .K81 Louis Kossuth in America; 1851-1852, 1
DB937.3 .N5 Report of the special committee appointed by the Common council of the city of New York, to make arrangements for the reception of Gov. Louis Kossuth, the distinguished Hungarian patriot. 1
DB941.A6 A3 The memoirs of Count Apponyi. 1
DB945 .H5613 1988 A history of modern Hungary, 1867-1986 / 1
DB947 .M7 1947 Hungary, the unwilling satellite. 1
DB948 .K4 1953 Diplomacy in a whirlpool; Hungary between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. 1
DB948 .T3 When Israel is king, 1
DB950.F355 A3 1989 The long road to revolution : the Hungarian Gulag, 1945-1956 / 1
DB950.V35 A3 1990 A scholar's odyssey / 1
DB950.W5 A3 My adventures and misadventures 1
DB953 .N3 Justice for Hungary. Petition submitted by the Executive committee of arrangement National convention of American citizens of Hungarian descent to the Congress of the United States relative to a plea for justice for Hungary and peace for Europe ... 1
DB955 .B365 1970 Hungary and Hitler. 1
DB955 .D5313 Talking with angels / 1
DB955 .F34 Hitler, Horthy, and Hungary; German-Hungarian relations, 1941-1944, 1
DB955 .H67 1988 The Hungarians : a divided nation / 1
DB955 .J34 Revolution in perspective; essays on the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. 1