Call Number (LC) Title Results
DB937.3 .N5 Report of the special committee appointed by the Common council of the city of New York, to make arrangements for the reception of Gov. Louis Kossuth, the distinguished Hungarian patriot. 1
DB941.A6 A3 The memoirs of Count Apponyi. 1
DB945 .H5613 1988 A history of modern Hungary, 1867-1986 / 1
DB945 .V36 2016eb The monumental nation : Magyar nationalism and symbolic politics in fin-de-si ecle Hungary / 1
DB947 .M7 1947 Hungary, the unwilling satellite. 1
DB948 .K4 1953 Diplomacy in a whirlpool; Hungary between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. 1
DB948 .T3 When Israel is king, 1
DB949.2 .K556 2018 Remembering Cold Days : the 1942 Massacre of Novi Sad and Hungarian Politics and Society, 1942-1989. 1
DB950.F355 A3 1989 The long road to revolution : the Hungarian Gulag, 1945-1956 / 1
DB950.K3 Károlyie & Bethlen, Hungary : Makers of the Modern World, The Peace conferences of 1919-23 and their aftermarth. 1
DB950.V35 A3 1990 A scholar's odyssey / 1
DB950.W5 A3 My adventures and misadventures 1
DB953 .N3 Justice for Hungary. Petition submitted by the Executive committee of arrangement National convention of American citizens of Hungarian descent to the Congress of the United States relative to a plea for justice for Hungary and peace for Europe ... 1
DB955 .B365 1970 Hungary and Hitler. 1
DB955 .D5313 Talking with angels / 1
DB955 .F34 Hitler, Horthy, and Hungary; German-Hungarian relations, 1941-1944, 1
DB955 .H67 1988 The Hungarians : a divided nation / 1
DB955 .J34 Revolution in perspective; essays on the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. 1
DB955 .J39 1969 Revolution and counter-revolution in Hungary, 1
DB955 .K3335 1999 Refugees in Hungary : shelter from storm during World War II / 1