Call Number (LC) Title Results
DB948 .T3 When Israel is king, 1
DB949.2 .K556 2018 Remembering Cold Days : the 1942 Massacre of Novi Sad and Hungarian Politics and Society, 1942-1989. 1
DB950.F355 A3 1989 The long road to revolution : the Hungarian Gulag, 1945-1956 / 1
DB950.K3 Károlyie & Bethlen, Hungary : Makers of the Modern World, The Peace conferences of 1919-23 and their aftermarth. 1
DB950.V35 A3 1990 A scholar's odyssey / 1
DB950.W5 A3 My adventures and misadventures 1
DB953 .N3 Justice for Hungary. Petition submitted by the Executive committee of arrangement National convention of American citizens of Hungarian descent to the Congress of the United States relative to a plea for justice for Hungary and peace for Europe ... 1
DB955 .B365 1970 Hungary and Hitler. 1
DB955 .D5313 Talking with angels / 1
DB955 .F34 Hitler, Horthy, and Hungary; German-Hungarian relations, 1941-1944, 1
DB955 .H67 1988 The Hungarians : a divided nation / 1
DB955 .J34 Revolution in perspective; essays on the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. 1
DB955 .J39 1969 Revolution and counter-revolution in Hungary, 1
DB955 .K3335 1999 Refugees in Hungary : shelter from storm during World War II / 1
DB955 +L9 1963 The Soviet Hungarian Republic and the Paris Peace Conference. 1
DB955 .M22 October fifteenth : a history of modern Hungary, 1929-1945, 1
DB955 .S24 Hungary, the Great Powers, and the Danubian crisis, 1936-1939 / 1
DB955 .S86 1989 Count Janos Esterhazy : the life and works of the great son of the Hungarian highland : lessons to be drawn from the events of a stormy period in European history, to facilitate the efforts for the achievement of a lasting and peaceful cooperation among the peoples of the Danubian basin / 1
DB955 .T64 Béla Kun and the Hungarian Soviet Republic; the origins and role of the Communist Party of Hungary in the revolutions of 1918-1919 1
DB955 +V87 The Hungarian Soviet Republic, 1919; an evaluation and a bibliography. 1