Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS112 .K48 2001 Life in biblical Israel / 1
DS112 .L65 1983 Civil religion in Israel : traditional Judaism and political culture in the Jewish state / 1
DS112 .M333 1993 Social world of ancient Israel, 1250-587 BCE / 1
DS112 .M3613 The world of ancient Israel / 1
DS 112 + M42713 1982 Jewish life in the Middle Ages : illuminated Hebrew manuscripts of the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries / 1
DS112 .O913 1984 In the land of Israel / 1
DS112 .P29 The Jewish mind / 1
DS112 .R66 Corporate personality in ancient Israel. 1
DS112 .S425 2010 Were the Jews a Mediterranean society? : reciprocity and solidarity in ancient Judaism / 1
DS112 .S8 The Jewish nation; containing an account of their manners and customs, rites and worship, laws and polity ... 1
DS112 .V2 Bible lands: their modern customs and manners illustrative of Scripture. 1
DS112 .V3 1965 Ancient Israel, 1
DS112 .V313 1961 Ancient Israel: its life and institutions / 1
DS112 .W66 1991 The World of ancient Israel : sociological, anthropological, and political perspectives : essays by members of the Society for Old Testament Study / 1
DS112 .Z39 Life is with people; the culture of the shtetl 1
DS113 .A46 Studies in nineteenth-century Jewish intellectual history. 1
DS113 .B5 The legacy of Israel. 1
DS113 .D3 Israel: its role in civilization. 1
DS113 .J1 Jewish contributions to civilization : an estimate / 1
DS113 .J483 2003 Jewish culture and society under the Christian Roman Empire / 1