Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS117 .S2 The history of the people of Israel in pre-Christian times, 1
DS117 .S22 Where the Jordan flows. 1
DS117 +W92 The World history of the Jewish people. 1
DS118 The Story of the Jewish People : Letters to Auntie Fori. 1
DS118 .A2 1967 Campaigns in Palestine from Alexander the Great. 1
DS118 .A28 The land of the Bible; a historical geography, 1
DS118 .B1 History of the Hebrew commonwealth, 1
DS118 .B4 1963 Concise history of Israel: from Abraham to the Bar Cochba rebellion. 1
DS118 .B513 1976 A history of the Jewish people / 1
DS118 .B57 Jerusalem under the high-priest; five lectures on the period between Nehemiah and the New Testament. 1
DS118 .B72 The history of the Jews. 1
DS118 .B8 1927 Stranger than fiction : a short history of the Jews from earliest times to the present day / 1
DS118 .B8 1930 The story of the Jews : from the earliest times to the present day with maps and chronological tables / 1
DS118 .B88 1963 Israel and the nations, from the Exodus to the fall of the Second Temple. 1
DS118 .C68213 1985 This immortal people : a short history of the Jewish people / 1
DS118 .D54 1971 The indestructible Jews; is there a manifest destiny in Jewish history? 1
DS118 .D81 Jewish history; an essay in the philosophy of history, 1
DS118 + E465 1986 Encyclopedia of Jewish history : events and eras of the Jewish people / 1
DS118 .F5 The Jews: a study of race and environment. 1
DS118 .F9 1947 The redemption of Israel. 1