Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS121 .S67 Ancient Israel : its story and meaning : 1
DS121.S83 2013 The Material Culture of the Northern Sea Peoples in Israel 1
DS121 .T48 1994 Early history of the Israelite people : from the written and archaeological sources / 1
DS121 .V38 Palestine in the early bronze age, 1
DS121 .V38p Palestine during the neolithic and chalcolithic periods, 1
DS121 .V4 v.1 From the Exodus to King Akhnaton / 1
DS121 .V4 v.3 Ramses II and his time / 1
DS121 .V4 v.4 Peoples of the sea / 1
DS121 .W45 1957 Prolegomena to the history of ancient Israel, with a reprint of the article Israel from the Encyclopaedia Britannica. 1
DS121.W453 W45 2004 The place of the law in the religion of ancient Israel / 1
DS121.3 .A34 The Amarna letters from Palestine [and], Syria, the Philistines, and Phoenicia, 1
DS121.3 .N33 2005eb Ancient Israel and its neighbors : interaction and counteraction : collected essays. Vol. 1 / 1
DS121.3 .O94 2004eb In search of pre-exilic Israel : proceedings of the Oxford Old Testament Seminar / 1
DS121.4 The Canaanites and their land. 1
DS121.4 .B43 2022 Political change and material culture in Middle to Late Bronze Age Canaan / 1
DS121.5 .H56 Israel in Egypt. 1
DS121.5 .P84 Archives from Elephantine; the life of an ancient Jewish military colony. 1
DS121.55 .A95 2015 Josephus' interpretation of the Books of Samuel / 1
DS121.55 .C76 2014 Making of Israel : Cultural Diversity in the Southern Levant and the Formation of Ethnic Identity in Deuteronomy. 1
DS121.55 .D5213 2007eb The early monarchy in Israel : the tenth century B.C.E. / 1