Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS121.65 .E95 2009eb Exile and restoration revisited : essays on the Babylonian and Persian periods in memory of Peter R. Ackroyd / 1
DS121.65 .E955 2015 Exile and return : the Babylonian context / 1
DS121.65 .F38 2012eb Judah in the neo-Babylonian period : the archaeology of desolation / 1
DS121.65 .G675 2004 History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period, Volume 1 : the Persian Period (539-331BCE). 1
DS121.65 .G68 1992 Judaism from Cyrus to Hadrian / 1
DS121.65 .G73 2008eb A history of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period. the coming of the Greeks : the early Hellenistic Period (335-175 BCE) / 1
DS121.65 .G78 2002 Diaspora : Jews amidst Greeks and Romans / 1
DS121.65 .H4513 Jews, Greeks, and barbarians : aspects of the Hellenization of Judaism in the pre-Christian period / 1
DS121.65 .I62 2021eb In the shadow of empire : Israel and Judah in the long sixth century BCE / 1
DS121.65 .J3413 1986 A history of Israel from Alexander the Great to Bar Kochba / 1
DS121.65 .K68 2005eb Between Alexandria and Jerusalem : the Dynamic of Jewish and Hellenistic Culture. 1
DS121.65 .L4 1984 The Jewish and Christian world, 200 B.C. to A.D. 200 / 1
DS121.65 .M3 The history and literature of the Palestinian Jews from Cyrus to Herod, 550 B.C. to 4 B.C. / 1
DS121.65 .M99 The world of the restoration 1
DS121.65 .N49 2019 Next year in Jerusalem : exile and return in Jewish history / 1
DS121.65 .O8913 1990 Judaism in antiquity : political development and religious currents from Alexander to Hadrian / 1
DS121.65 .S422 1994eb Second Temple studies. 1
DS121.65 .W45 1992 The citizen-temple community / 1
DS121.7 .B4913 The God of the Maccabees : studies on the meaning and origin of the Maccabean revolt / 1
DS121.7 .B85 1974 The kings depart. 1