Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS428 .B463 2017 Palaces of the Raj : Magnificence and Misery of the Lord Sahibs. 1
DS428 .B67 2022 Forgotten voices of the British empire : how knowledge was created and curated in colonial India and Burma / 1
DS428 .D43 2014 The fishing fleet : husband-hunting in the Raj / 1
DS428 .E33 Bound to exile; the Victorians in India. 1
DS428 .K5 1973 British social life in India, 1608-1937. 1
DS428 .K65 2011eb Knowledge production, pedagogy, and institutions in colonial India / 1
DS428 .K66 The Brahmo Samaj and the shaping of the modern Indian mind / 1
DS428 .L3 1991 Indian embers / 1
DS428 .M336 2018 Women of the Raj : the Mothers, Wives and Daughters of the British Empire in India. 1
DS428 .M36 2014eb Age of Entanglement : German and Indian Intellectuals Across Empire / 1
DS428 .M382 2000 Mother India / 1
DS428 .P55 1994 Plain tales from the Raj : images of British India in the twentieth century / 1
DS428 .P76 2002 Married to the empire : gender, politics and imperialism in India, 1883-1947 / Mary A. Procida. 1
DS428 .R35 2015eb Locale, everyday Islam and modernity : qasbah towns and Muslim life in colonial India / 1
DS428 .R68 2019 Empires of the senses : bodily encounters in imperial India and the Philippines / 1
DS428 .S39 1997 Writing cultural history in colonial and postcolonial India / 1
DS428 .S74 The nabobs; a study of the social life of the English in eighteenth century India, 1
DS428 .W34 1983 Growing up in British India : Indian autobiographers on childhood and education under the Raj / 1
DS428.2 When a great tradition modernizes : an anthropological approach to Indian civilization /
An ambiguous journey to the city : the village and othe[r] odd ruins of the self in the Indian imagination /
DS428.2 .G46 2011 India calling : an intimate portrait of a nation's remaking / 1