Call Number (LC) Title Results
E-Book JN12 .C378 2019 Rupture : the crisis of liberal democracy / 1
E-Book JN1263 .P39 1998 A diverse assembly the debate on a Scottish parliament / 1
E-Book JN147 .M34 Magna Carta, or, the great charter of King John 1
E-Book JN1572.A58 .D677 2017 Sunningdale : the search for peace in Northern Ireland / 1
E-Book JN2594.2 .H69 1999 How France votes 1
E-Book JN30 .G55 2012 European integration a concise history / 1
E-Book JN30 .R44 1999 Regionalism in the European Union 1
E-Book JN3971.A98 G723753 1999 Redefining red and green ideology and strategy in European political ecology / 1
E-Book JN521 .P365 1998 Parliament and locality, 1660-1939 1
E-Book JN6695.A55 .S653 2015 The red web : the struggle between Russia's digital dictators and the new online revolutionaries / 1
E-Book JN8221 .E525 2014 Democracy without justice in Spain : the politics of forgetting / 1
E-Book JN8515 .S46 1999 A seminar game to analyze regional governance options for Portugal 1
E-Book JN900 .W45 1999 Political power and democratic control in Britain the democratic audit of the United Kingdom / 1
E-Book JN96.A58 N86 1999 The state after communism administrative transitions in Central and Eastern Europe / 1
E-Book JQ1499.A61 W43 1999 Model, myth, or miracle reassessing the role of governments in the East Asian experience / 1
E-Book JQ1499.A91 S56 2012 Confucianism and democratization in East Asia 1
E-Book JQ1509.5.E8 .Z436 2016 Confucian image politics : masculine morality in seventeenth-century China / 1
E-Book JQ1510 .L4523 2018 The contentious public sphere : law, media, and authoritarian rule in China / 1
E-Book JQ1512.Z13 E87277 2000 A cultural history of civil examinations in late imperial China 1
E-Book JQ1519.A5 L38 1993 The found generation : Chinese communists in Europe during the twenties / 1