Call Number (LC) Title Results
E-Book PS1214 .D39 The dawn of a to-morrow 1
E-Book PS1214 .L33 A lady of quality 1
E-Book PS1214 .L58 Little Lord Fauntleroy
A little princess
E-Book PS1214 .L63 Lodusky 1
E-Book PS1214.M66 Le monsieur de la petite dame 1
E-Book PS1214. .S37 Sara Crewe, Little Saint Elizabeth, and other stories 1
E-Book PS1214 .S58 The shuttle 1
E-Book PS1214 .T46 T. Tembarom 1
E-Book PS1214.W45 The white people 1
E-Book PS1214 .W663 The woman who saved me 1
E-Book PS1290 .C43 On the elevation of the laboring classes 1
E-Book PS1292.B3 .C44 Baxter's Procrustes 1
E-Book PS1292.B68 .C44 The bouquet 1
E-Book PS1292 .C44 How Squire Coyote brought fire to the Cahrocs 1
E-Book PS1292.C6 .C44 The partners
The free colored people of North Carolina
E-Book PS1292.D3 .C44 Dave's neckliss 1
E-Book PS1292.G67 .C44 The goophered grapevine 1
E-Book PS1292.H6 .C44 Hot-foot Hannibal 1
E-Book PS1292.M3 .C6 The march of progress 1
E-Book PS1292.P6 .C44 Po' Sandy 1