Call Number (LC) Title Results
E-Book PZ3.D55 M 1990 Mrs. lirriper's lodgings
Life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
E-Book PZ3.D55 Mi 1990 Mrs. lirriper's legacy 1
E-Book PZ3.D55 Mug 1990 Mugby junction 1
E-Book PZ3.D55 Ni 1990 The life and adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 1
E-Book PZ3.D55 Ou 1990 Our mutual friend 1
E-Book PZ3.D55 So 1990 Somebody's luggage 1
E-Book PZ3.D55 U 1990 The uncommercial traveller 1
E-Book PZ3.D646 Fo 1990 The foolish virgin 1
E-Book PZ3.D772 Ad 1990 The adventures of Gerard 1
E-Book PZ3.D772 Adv 1990 The adventures of Sherlock Holmes 1
E-Book PZ3.D772 Me 1990 The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 1
E-Book PZ3.D772 Ri 1990 The ring of Thoth, and other stories 1
E-Book PZ3.D772 Rou 1990 Round the red lamp 1
E-Book PZ3.D772 Stu 1990 A study in scarlet 1
E-Book PZ3.D772 Tam 1990 Tales of terror and mystery 1
E-Book PZ3.E8 .B3 The eternal feminine 1
E-Book PZ3.F2294 Ma 1990 Martin Pippin in the apple orchard 1
E-Book PZ3.F238 My 1990 My lady Caprice 1
E-Book PZ3.F380 Da 1990 Dawn O'Hara the girl who laughed 1
E-Book PZ3.F46 Jt 1990 A journey from this world to the next 1