Call Number (LC) Title Results
E-Book QM21 .G163 1999 Galen on anatomical procedures Peri anatomikōn encheirēseōn = De anatomicis administrationibus / 1
E-Book QP101.4 .H37 (On the) motion of the heart and blood in animals 1
E-Book QP135 .G55 2000 The hot brain survival, temperature, and the human body / 1
E-Book QP251 .C56 1998 Disciplining reproduction modernity, American life sciences, and "the problems of sex" / 1
E-Book QP251 .P467 1999 Drive neurobiological and molecular mechanisms of sexual motivation / 1
E-Book QP251 .R44438 2000 Reproduction in context social and environmental influences on reproductive physiology and behavior / 1
E-Book QP29.H37 A2 1989 The works of William Harvey 1
E-Book QP327 .C65 1998 About face 1
E-Book QP353 .G76 1998 Brain, vision, memory tales in the history of neuroscience / 1
E-Book QP356 .B345 1997 An introduction to natural computation 1
E-Book QP360.5 .T75 2013 The neural basis of free will criterial causation / 1
E-Book QP360 .A53 2000 Psychophysiology human behavior and physiological response / 1
E-Book QP360 .G392 1998 The mind's past 1
E-Book QP360 .G58 1999 The care and feeding of your brain how diet and environment affect what you think and feel / 1
E-Book QP360 .W48 Where biology meets psychology philosophical essays / 1
E-Book QP363.3 .A433 1999 Advances in synaptic plasticity 1
E-Book QP363.3 .F86 1998 Fundamentals of neural network modeling neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience / 1
E-Book QP363.3 .N4755 1999 Neural codes and distributed representations foundations of neural computation / 1
E-Book QP363.3 .S55 1999 The mind within the net models of learning, thinking, and acting / 1
E-Book QP363.3 .T73 1999 Fast oscillations in cortical circuits 1