Call Number (LC) Title Results
E105 Leif Ericson et la découverte de l'Amérique : un Viking en route pour le Canada / 1
E105 .A5 1877 America not discovered by Columbus : an historical sketch of the discovery of America by the Norsemen in the tenth century / 1
E105 .A54 Vinland voyage 1
E105 .B1 Early Norse visits to North America, with ten plates, 1
E105 .B3 The discovery of America by the Northmen, in the tenth century/ 1
E105 .B64 The Kensington rune stone; new light on an old riddle, 1
E 105 + C53 The Norse discovery of America / 1
E105 .D2 The pre-Columbian discovery of America, by the Northmen, with translations from the Icelandic sagas. 1
E105 .E579 2002eb Erikson, Eskimos & Columbus : medieval European knowledge of America / 1
E105 .E61 Viking America; the Norse crossings and their legacy. 1
E105 .F5 The discoveries of the Norsemen in America, with special relation to their early cartographical representation; 1
E105 +F5 1906 The Flatey Book and recently discovered Vatican manuscripts concerning America as early as the tenth century. Documents now published for the first time, which establish beyond controversy the claim that North America was settled by Norsemen five hundred years before the time of Columbus. Sagas that describe the voyages to, and character of, the new country, and letters from several popes directing bishops in their government of the church in the western world. 1
E105 .G25 1970 The Norse discoverers of America; 1
E105 .G7 Leif Eriksson, discoverer of America A.D. 1003, 1
E105 .H7 1956 Explorations in America before Columbus. 1
E105 .L26 Ancient Norse messages on American stones, 1
E105 .M93 Westviking; The ancient Norse in Greenland and North America. 1
E105 .N677 2017 Norse America / 1
E105 .N8 The Norse discovery of America; a compilation in extensió of all the sagas, manuscripts, and inscriptive memorials relating to the finding and settlement of the New world in the eleventh century. With presentations of freshly discovered proofs, in the form of church records supplied by the Vatican of Rome, never before published. 1
E105 .O45 Early voyages and northern approaches, 1000-1632 1