Call Number (LC) Title Results
E127 .Q7 England and the discovery of America, 1481-1620, from the Bristol voyages of the fifteenth century to the Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth: the exploration, exploitation, and trial-and-error colonization of North America by the English. 1
E127 .W47 1979 The Westward enterprise : English activities in Ireland, the Atlantic, and America, 1480-1650 / 1
E127 .W7 2010eb The Cabot voyages and Bristol discovery under Henry VII / 1
E129 The Voyages of Sir James Lancaster to Brazil and the East Indies, 1591-1603. 1
E129.C1 B3 John and Sebastian Cabot; the discovery of North America, 1
E129.C1 B58 1970 A memoir of Sebastian Cabot. 1
E129.C1 P67 1997 The Many Landfalls of John Cabot. 1
E129.C1 T1 1893 John and Sebastian Cabot : biographical notice, with documents / 1
E129.C1 W7 1962 The Cabot voyages and Bristol discovery under Henry VII. 1
E129.D7 A25 2010eb Sir Francis Drake's West Indian voyage, 1585-86 / 1
E129.D7 A56 The last voyage of Drake & Hawkins, 1
E129.D7 B59 Sir Frances Drakes' West Indian voyage. 1
E129.D7 H4 1947 Francis Drake and the California Indians, 1579, 1
E129.D7 S84 1992 Sir Francis Drake / 1
E129.D7 W67 2010eb The world encompassed by Sir Francis Drake : being his next voyage to that to Nombre de Dios : collated with an unpublished manuscript of Francis Fletcher, chaplain to the expedition / 1
E129.G4 P76 2020eb Sir Humphrey Gilbert and the Elizabethan expedition : preparing for a voyage / 1
E129.G4 Q8511 2010eb The voyages and colonising enterprises of Sir Humphrey Gilbert. 1
E129.G6 G6 1963 Bartholomew Gosnold, discoverer and planter: New England--1602, Virginia--1607. 1
E 129 + H39v Voyage into the South Sea. 1
E129.H8 Henry Hudson, un navigateur maudit : l'exploration de la côte Est des Amériques / 1