Call Number (LC) Title Results
E166 .P9 White, red, black : sketches of American Society in the United States during the visit of their guests [Louis Kossuth] / 1
E166 .R1 America in the forties; the letters of Ole Munch Ræder, 1
E166 .R63 2009eb Distant revolutions : 1848 and the challenge to American exceptionalism / 1
E166 .R84 1961 A casual view of America; the home letters of Salomon de Rothschild, 1859-1861. 1
E166 .S24 Travels in the United States in 1847. 1
E166 .S325 2015 A not too greatly changed Eden : the story of the Philosophers' Camp in the Adirondacks / 1
E166 .T4 Criss-cross journeys ... 1
E166 .U5 A pioneer in Northwest America, 1841-1858; the memoirs of Gustaf Unonius. 1
E166 .W9 1851 Travels in the United States,etc., during 1849 and 1850/ 1
E167 .D55 1989 Spectator of America / 1
E167 .F3 1959 Prince Napoleon in America, 1861; letters from his aide-de-camp. 1
E167 .G2 1861 The uprising of a great people : the United States in 1861 / 1
E167 .M41 America: the origin of her present conflict; her prospect for the slave, and her claim for anti-slavery sympathy; 1
E167 .R9 1863 My diary North and South. 1
E167 .R9 1954 My diary, North and South. 1
E167 .T45 1971b An Englishman in the American Civil War: the diaries of Henry Yates Thompson, 1863; 1
E168 Buffalo Bill, boozers, brothels, and bare-knuckle brawlers : an Englishman's journal of adventure in America /
The Americans.
E168 .A48 1992 American home life, 1880-1930 : a social history of spaces and services / 1
E168 .A5 1952 The last resorts. 1
E168 +A517 1992 Death in the dining room and other tales of Victorian culture / 1