Call Number (LC) Title Results
E169 .B9 A Frenchwoman's impressions of America / 1
E169 .C3 1931 L'autre Amérique. 1
E169 .C4 What I saw in America, 1
E169 .C44 1942 Fair is our land. 1
E169 .C5 Ideals of America; analyses of the guiding motives of contemporary American life by leaders in various fields of thought and action. 1
E169 .C57 Some United States; a series of stops in various parts of this nation with one excursion across the line, 1
E169 .C59 2006 The American home front, 1941-1942 / 1
E169 .C6 How to do "America" in 13 hours / 1
E169 .C66 2009 The likes of us : America in the eyes of the Farm Security Administration / 1
E169 .D255 The social and cultural life of the 1920s, 1
E169 .D325 1998 The cultural front : the laboring of American culture in the Twentieth Century / 1
E169 .D4 Auslandsrätsel; nordamerikanische und spanische reisebriefe, 1
E169 .D48 America, I love you. 1
E169 .D5 Unto the hills; some of America's problems. 1
E169 .D746 1983 Down & out in the Great Depression : letters from the "forgotten man" / 1
E169 .D746 2008eb Down & out in the Great Depression : letters from the forgotten man / 1
E169 .D77 1997 A Hoosier holiday / 1
E169 .D8 1930 Scènes de la vie future ... 1
E169 .D912 1995 The modern temper : American culture and society in the 1920s / 1
E169 .E53 2008eb American culture in the 1930s / 1