Call Number (LC) Title Results
E184.7 .M348 2005eb Why I hate Abercrombie & Fitch : essays on race and sexuality / 1
E184.7 .M65 2021 Teaching Black history to white people / 1
E184.7 .R66 2006eb White money/Black power : the surprising history of African American studies and the crisis of race in higher education / 1
E184.7 .S69 2011eb Black Reflective Sociology : Epistemology, Theory, and Methodology. 1
E184.7 .W48 2005eb White scholars/African American texts / 1
E184.86 .B53 1991 The Black community : diversity and unity / 1
E185 Black America since MLK.
Ain't gonna shuffle no more 1964-1972 /
The time has come : 1964-1966 /
A nation of law? : 1968-1971 /
American experience.
Eyes on the prize.
The promised land : 1967-1968
Mississippi : is this America? 1962-1964 /
Bridge to freedom : 1965 /
Awakenings : 1954-1956 /
No easy walk : 1961-1963 /
Fighting back : 1957-1962 /
Two societies : 1965-1968 /
Back to the movement : 1979-1983 /
Making Black America.
Resonances of Slavery in Race/Gender Relations : Shadow at the Heart of American Politics.
To Make Our World Anew, Volume II : a History of African Americans Since 1880.
People get ready : African American and Caribbean cultural exchange /
Separate Pasts : Growing Up White in the Segregated South.
The myth of the Negro past /
In hope of liberty : culture, community, and protest among northern free Blacks, 1700-1860 /
Sanctuary : African Americans and empire /
Colored No More : Reinventing Black Womanhood in Washington, D.C.
Blackness Visible : Essays on Philosophy and Race.
This Far and No Further Photographs Inspired by the Voting Rights Movement.
The Black image in the white mind : the debate on Afro-American character and destiny, 1817-1914 /
Fear of a Black Republic Haiti and the Birth of Black Internationalism in the United States.
Open wound : the long view of race in America /
African American Jeremiad Rev : Appeals For Justice In America.
E185 .A11 1974 Blacks and their contributions to the American West; a bibliography and union list of library holdings through 1970. 1
E185 .A233 2003 Alienable rights : the exclusion of African Americans in a white man's land, 1619-2000 / 1
E185 .A25 1977 Africa and the Afro-American experience : eight essays / 1
E185 .A253 1993 Suppl. The African American encyclopedia. Supplement/ 1
E185 .A2536 2003 African American political thought / 1
E185 .A26 Black history viewpoints; a selected bibliographical guide to resources for Afro-American and African history: 1968. 1
E185 .A28 1991 Africanisms in American culture / 1
E185 .A37 History of the colored race in America ... 1
E185 .A37 1998ev African multi-cultural history : African contributions to US history / 1
E185 .A44 1994 The invention of the white race / 1
E185 .A47 Constitution of the American Society of Free Persons of Colour, for improving their condition in the United States, for purchasing lands, and for the establishment of a settlement in Upper Canada; also the proceedings of the convention, 1
E185 .A477 2013eb The American South and the Atlantic world / 1
E185 .A496 1997 New right, new racism : race and reaction in the United States and Britain / 1