Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185 +F65 Focus: Black America bibliography series. 1
E185 .F67 America's black past; a reader in Afro-American history. 1
E185 .F69 1994 Relocations of the spirit : essays / 1
E185 .F75 1954 The Negro people in American history. 1
E185 .F77 2021 Four hundred souls : a community history of African America, 1619-2019 / 1
E185 .F78 2022 The humanity archive : recovering the soul of Black history from a whitewashed American myth / 1
E185 .F8 1974 From slavery to freedom; a history of Negro Americans. 1
E185 .F8 1988b From slavery to freedom : a history of Negro Americans. 1
E185 .F836 1972 The Black image in the white mind; the debate on Afro-American character and destiny, 1817-1914 1
E185 .F84 1949 The Negro in the United States. 1
E185 .F84 1957 The Negro in the United States. 1
E185 .F84o On race relations; selected writings. 1
E185 .G27 2011 Life upon these shores : looking at African American history, 1513-2008 / 1
E185 .G44 Progress of a race 1
E185 .G48 2022 Get your knee off our necks : from slavery to Black Lives Matter / 1
E185 .G49 1964 The troublesome presence; American democracy and the Negro 1
E185 .G62 The Negro revolution, 1
E185 .G63 2005 Black crescent : the experience and legacy of African Muslims in the Americas / 1
E185 .G76 Black protest; history, documents, and analyses, 1619 to the present, 1
E185 .H295 1995 The timetables of African-American history : a chronology of the most important people and events in African-American history / 1