Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185 + L29 The black man in America. 1
E185 .L46 2012 Conservatism in the Black Community : To the Right and Misunderstood. 1
E185 .L73 The Negro pilgrimage in America, 1
E185 .L78 An historical research respecting the opinions of the founders of the Republic, on Negroes as slaves, as citizens, and as soldiers. 1
E185 .L8 1957 The Negro in the United States, a brief history. 1
E185 .M15 Three-fifths of a man. 1
E185 .M35 2000 Major problems in African-American history : documents and essays / 1
E185 .M375 2004eb The African American experience in cyberspace : a resource guide to the best Websites on black culture and history / 1
E185 .M51 From plantation to ghetto; an interpretive history of American Negroes, 1
E185 .M51 1976 From plantation to ghetto / 1
E185 .M51m The making of black America; essays in Negro life & history, 1
E185 .M51t The transformation of activism. 1
E185 .M52 In their own words; a history of the American Negro. 1
E185 .M56 The Negro and the nation : a history of American slavery and enfranchisement / 1
E185 .M64 Radicals and conservatives, and other essays on the Negro in America. 1
E185 .M64r Race adjustment [and] The everlasting stain. 1
E185 .M647 1966 The Negro in America; a bibliography 1
E185 .M647 1970 The Negro in America; a bibliography, 1
E185 .M895 2003eb In the break : the aesthetics of the Black radical tradition / 1
E185 + M97 1995 One more river to cross : an African American photograph album / 1