Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185 .M56 The Negro and the nation : a history of American slavery and enfranchisement / 1
E185 .M64 Radicals and conservatives, and other essays on the Negro in America. 1
E185 .M64r Race adjustment [and] The everlasting stain. 1
E185 .M647 1966 The Negro in America; a bibliography 1
E185 .M647 1970 The Negro in America; a bibliography, 1
E185 .M895 2003eb In the break : the aesthetics of the Black radical tradition / 1
E185 + M97 1995 One more river to cross : an African American photograph album / 1
E185 .M98 The omni-Americans; new perspectives on Black experience and American culture. 1
E185 +N389 1968 Negro history and literature, a selected annotated bibliography. 1
E185 .N39 The Negro in American History. 1
E185 .N391 Negro protest pamphlets; a compendium. 1
E185 .N398 Black index : Afro-Americana in selected periodicals, 1907-1949 / 1
E185 .N496 2018 Black Nationalism in American History : From the Nineteenth Century to the Million Man March. 1
E185 .N56 The Negro in American history / 1
E185 .N65 2008eb God and race in American politics : a short history / 1
E185 .O43 2001 Freedom's daughters : the unsung heroines of the civil rights movement from 1830 to 1970 / 1
E185 .O83 The burden of race; a documentary history of Negro-white relations in America. 1
E185 .O94 1864 The wrong of slavery, the right of emancipation, and the future of the African race in the United States / 1
E185 .P1 1904 The Negro: the southerner's problem, 1
E185 .P15 2006 Creating Black Americans : African-American history and its meanings, 1619 to the present / 1