Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185 .O83 The burden of race; a documentary history of Negro-white relations in America. 1
E185 .O94 1864 The wrong of slavery, the right of emancipation, and the future of the African race in the United States / 1
E185 .P1 1904 The Negro: the southerner's problem, 1
E185 .P15 2006 Creating Black Americans : African-American history and its meanings, 1619 to the present / 1
E185 .P41 A text book of the origin and history, &c. &c. of the colored people. 1
E185 .P45 2007eb "Race" and racism : the development of modern racism in America / 1
E185 .P46 1983 Philosophy born of struggle : anthology of Afro-American philosophy from 1917 / 1
E185 .P49 1996 From Africa to America : African American history from the Colonial era to the early Republic, 1526-1790 / 1
E185 .P55 The Negro almanac, 1
E185 +P55 1976 The Negro almanac : a reference work on the Afro American / 1
E185 +P55 1983 The Negro almanac : a reference work on the Afro-American / 1
E185 +P55 1989 The Negro almanac : a reference work on the African American / 1
E185 .P65 Black Americans. 1
E185 .P83 The Negro in the United States; a selected bibliography. 1
E185 .P835 A working bibliography on the Negro in the United States, 1
E185 .P84 The Negro on the American frontier. 1
E185 .Q1 1969 The Negro in the making of America. 1
E185 .R23 1997 Race consciousness : African-American studies for the new century / 1
E185 .R31 The Negro, 1
E185 .R334 2001 Black Books Galore! : guide to great African American children's books about boys / 1