Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185.61 .B29 2000 The white image in the black mind : African-American ideas about white people, 1830-1925 / 1
E185.61 .B29 2000eb The White image in the Black mind : African-American ideas about white people, 1830-1925 / 1
E185.61 .B375 2018 Lighting the fires of freedom : African American women in the civil rights movement / 1
E185.61 .B43 CORE and the strategy of nonviolence. 1
E185.61 .B47 1965 The Negro mood and other essays / 1
E185.61 +B49 2013 Freedom now! : forgotten photographs of the civil rights struggle / 1
E185.61 .B52 1989 The hidden wound / 1
E185.61 .B53 The Negroes and the Jews 1
E185.61 .B534 Black resistance, white law; a history of constitutional racism in America. 1
E185.61 .B55 1998 Between race and empire : African-Americans and Cubans before the Cuban Revolution / 1
E185.61 .B57 Beyond Black or white; an alternate America. 1
E185.61 .B63 1964 A Southern prophecy: The prosperity of the South dependent upon the elevation of the Negro (1889) 1
E185.61 .B64 1968 Civil rights and the American Negro : a documentary history / 1
E185.61 .B728 2001 The Cold War and the color line : American race relations in the global arena / 2
E 185.61 + B776 You can't kill the dream. Reflections, 1
E185.61 .B78 The struggle within; race relations in the United States, 1
E185.61 .B79 1962 The desegregated heart; a Virginian's stand in time of transition. 1
E185.61 .B79 2024 Reluctant race men : Black challenges to the practice of race in nineteenth-century America / 1
E185.61 .B796 Conflict and competition: studies in the recent Black protest movement, 1
E185.61 .B7964 2017 The American civil rights movement, 1865-1950 : black agency and people of good will / 1