Call Number (LC) Title Results
E185.61 .B796 Conflict and competition: studies in the recent Black protest movement, 1
E185.61 .B7964 2017 The American civil rights movement, 1865-1950 : black agency and people of good will / 1
E185.61 .B799 1988 Parting the waters : America in the King years, 1954-1963 / 1
E185.61 .B7992 1998 Pillar of fire : America in the King years, 1963-65 / 1
E185.61 .B82 A social history of the American Negro; being a history of the Negro problem in the United States, including a history and study of the Republic of Liberia. 1
E185.61 .B825 1992 Bridges and boundaries : African Americans and American Jews / 1
E185.61 .B85 1963 The Negro revolution in America; what Negroes want, why and how they are fighting, whom they support, what whites think of them and their demands 1
E185.61 .B859 The black vanguard; origins of the Negro social revolution, 1900-1960 1
E185.61 .B86 White racism and Black Americans. 1
E185.61 .B88 The selected writings of John Edward Bruce: militant Black journalist. 1
E185.61 .B929 2005eb A brief and tentative analysis of Negro leadership / 1
E185.61 .B95 1962 Negro leadership in a southern city. 1
E185.61 .B955 1984 The Eisenhower administration and Black civil rights / 1
E185.61 .B96 1963 The voices of Negro protest in America. 1
E185.61 .B975 2009eb The end of white world supremacy : black internationalism and the problem of the color line / 1
E185.61 .C1 1958 The Negro question; a selection of writings on civil rights in the south. 1
E185.61 .C14 1965 In search of Bisco. 1
E185.61 +C18 Racial attitudes in fifteen American cities, 1
E185.61 .C23 1965 "I do so politely," a voice from the South. 1
E185.61 .C28 1965 The South and segregation / 1