Call Number (LC) Title Results
E186 .G81 The American Colonies in the eighteenth century, 1689-1763. 1
E186 .V36 The American colonies in the seventeenth century. 1
E186.3 .A15 1922 An index of ancestors and roll of members of the Society of Colonial Wars. The honor roll, services of members of the Society during the World War, 1917-1918. 1
E186.3 .A2 Report of historian general... 19 1
E186.3 .A25 Society of Colonial Wars, 1892-1967: seventy-fifth anniversary. 1
E186.6 .C75 Anti-slavery before Garrison an address at a meeting of the Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America, September 19, A.D. 1902, 1
E186.6 .N5 1910 The origin, rise and downfall of the state of Franklin, under her first and only governor, John Sevier... 1
E187 .A5 1915 Narratives of the insurrections, 1675-1690, 1
E187.B65 1998 Boisterous Sea of Liberty : a Documentary History of America from Discovery through the Civil War. 1
E187 .B65 1998 The boisterous sea of liberty : a documentary history of America from discovery through the Civil War / 1
E187 .C14 Colonial captivities, marches, and journeys. 1
E187 .C68 The Colonial experience : readings in early American history / 1
E187 .C75 2003 A companion to colonial America / 1
E187.C75 2003eb A Companion to Colonial America. 1
E187 .C78 2000eb Debating the issues in colonial newspapers : primary documents on events of the period / 1
E187.C82 R32 The Cornwallis papers; abstracts of Americana. 1
E187 .C89 Collection of papers prepared and read before the Worcester Society of Antiquity. 1
E187 .E78 Essays in colonial history presented to Charles McLean Andrews by his students. 1
E187 .F69 Tracts and other papers relating principally to the origin, settlement, and progress of the colonies in North America, from the discovery of the country to the year 1776. 1
E187 .G1 The correspondence of General Thomas Gage with the Secretaries of State 1763-1775 / 1