Call Number (LC) Title Results
E302.1 .K76 1991 The Union as it is : constitutional unionism and sectional compromise, 1787-1861 / 1
E302.1 .L46 1898 The American Revolution, 1763-1783; being the chapters and passages relating to America from the author's History of England in the eighteenth century, 1
E302.1 .L98 Class conflict, slavery, and the United States Constitution : ten essays / 1
E302.1 .M1 1943 The war governors in the American Revolution, 1
E302.1 .N61 Blueprints for Leviathan: American style. 1
E302.1 .N9 1960 The cultural life of the new Nation, 1776-1830 / 1
E302.1 .P6 A political and civil history of the United States of America, from the year 1763 to the close of the administration of President Washington, in March, 1797: including a summary view of the political and civil state of the North American colonies, prior to that period. 1
E302.1 .P9 1934 The heroic years; fourteen years of the republic, 1801-1815, 1
E302.1 .Q7 Figures of the past from the leaves of old journals, 1
E302.1 .R33 2002 Race and the early republic : racial consciousness and nation-building in the early republic / 1
E302.1 .T4 Reminiscences of the last sixty-five years, commencing with the Battle of Lexington. Also, sketches of his own life and times. 1
E302.1 .T74 2004 The founding fathers and the politics of character / 1
E302.1 .V57 2003 Inventing a nation : Washington, Adams, Jefferson / 1
E302.1 .W1 The making of the nation, 1783-1817 / 1
E302.1 .W2 Odd byways in American history, 1
E302.1 .W47 1997 Vindicating the founders : race, sex, class, and justice in the origins of America / 1
E302.1 .W55 2005 The rise of American democracy : Jefferson to Lincoln / 1
E302.1 .W7 Eloquence of the United States: 1
E302.1 .W73 2005 Henry Adams and the making of America / 1
E302.1 .W77 2011 The idea of America : reflections on the birth of the United States / 1