Call Number (LC) Title Results
E449 .B773 1838 Picture of slavery in the United States of America. 1
E449 .B79 Blacks in the abolitionist movement, 1
E449 .B86 Slavery and the internal slave trade in the United States of North America; being replies to questions transmitted by the Committee of the British and Foreign Anti-slavery Society for the Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade Throughout the World, Presented to the General Anti-slavery Convention held in London, June 1840, 1
E449 .B87 The planter; or, Thirteen years in the South, 1
E449 .B879 Slavery in American society. 1
E449 .B88 Ought American slavery to be perpetuated? A debate between W. G. Brownlow and A. Pryne held at Philadelphia, September, 1858. 1
E449 .C18 Negro-mania; being an examination of the falsely assumed equality of the various races of men; 1
E449 .C4 1839 Right and wrong in Massachusetts. 1
E449 .C45 Slavery, and Emancipation. 1
E449 .C45 1835 Slavery / 1
E449 .C48 2004 The chattel principle : internal slave trades in the Americas / 1
E449 .C48 2004eb The chattel principle : internal slave trades in the Americas / 1
E449 .C5 1833 An appeal in favor of that class of Americans called Africans. 1
E449 .C525 1855 Letter addressed to the President of the United States on slavery : considered in relation to the constitutional principles of government in Great Britain and in the United States / 1
E449 .C53 The Child's anti-slavery book; containing a few words about American slave children and stories of slave-life. 1
E449 .C747 2015 One nation divided by slavery : remembering the American Revolution while marching toward the Civil War / 1
E449 +C86 1993 Courage and conscience : Black & white abolitionists in Boston / 1
E449.C865 R63 2014 Betsy Mix Cowles : champion of equality / 1
E449 .C958 2008eb From abolition to rights for all : the making of a reform community in the nineteenth century / 1
E449 .C97 The abolitionists; reformers or fanatics? 1