Call Number (LC) Title Results
E449 .P77 Black diamonds gathered in the darkey homes of the South. 1
E449 .P94 Bible defence of slavery; or, The origin, history, and fortunes of the Negro race, as deducted from history, both sacred and profane, their natural relations, moral, mental and physical, to the other races of mankind, compared and illustrated, their future destiny predicted, etc. To which is added a plan of national colonization adequate to the entire removal of the free Blacks, and all that may herafter become free, in a manner harmonizing with the peace and well-being of both races, 1
E449 .P9495 2006 Proslavery and sectional thought in the early South, 1740-1829 : an anthology / 1
E449.P983 B33 2007eb But one race : the life of Robert Purvis / 1
E449 .Q1 Black abolitionists. 1
E449 .Q1f Frederick Douglass. 1
E449 .R23 Powder keg; Northern opposition to the antislavery movement, 1831-1840. 1
E449 .R334 2013 Race and Recruitment : Civil War History Readers, Vol. 2. 1
E449 .R38 Remarks upon slavery and the slave-trade : addressed to the Hon. Henry Clay. 1
E449 .R384 Remarks upon slavery : occasioned by attempts made to circulate improper publications in the southern states / 1
E449 .R43 Address to the people of Beaufort and Colleton districts, upon the subject of abolition / 1
E449 .R46 1839 Mr. Whipple's report, and Mr. Otis's letter. 1
E449 .R51 Gentlemen of property and standing; anti-abolition mobs in Jacksonian America 1
E449 .R5135 2000 The slave power : the free North and southern domination, 1780-1860 / 1
E449 .R635 2009eb Fanatical schemes : proslavery rhetoric and the tragedy of consensus / 1
E449 .R644 2010eb Hearts beating for liberty : women abolitionists in the old Northwest / 1
E449 .R66 Pictures of slavery and anti-slavery; advantages of Negro slavery and the benefits of Negro freedom, morally, socially, and politically considered. 1
E449 .R72 Letters on slavery, addressed to the pro-slavery men of America : showing its illegality in all ages and nations : its destructive war upon society and government, morals and religion / 1
E449 .R82 1969 Slavery ordained of God. 1
E449 .R89 1963 The abolitionists; a collection of their writing. 1