Call Number (LC) Title Results
E448 .T94 Respect Black; the writings and speeches of Henry McNeal Turner. 1
E448 .W9 Report made at an adjourned meeting of the friends of the American Colonization Society, in Worcester County, held in Worcester, Dec. 8, 1830, 1
E449 Abolitionist geographies /
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass : an American Slave.
Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave /
Cannibals all!, or, Slaves without masters /
Gentlemen of property and standing : anti-abolition mobs in Jacksonian America /
Slavery and Methodism ; a chapter in American morality, 1780-1845 /
E449 .A12 1991 Cotton & capital : Boston businessmen and antislavery reform, 1854-1868 / 1
E449 .A15554 2011 Polemical pain : slavery, cruelty, and the rise of humanitarianism / 2
E449 .A21 A South-side view of slavery; or, Three months at the South. 1
E449 .A42 1838 Mr. Allen's report of a declaration of sentiments on slavery : Dec. 5, 1837. 1
E449 .A46 2002 Growing up abolitionist : the story of the Garrison children / 1
E449 .A5 1853 Platform of the American anti-slavery society and its auxiliaries. 1
E449 .A51 American slavery as it is; testimony of a thousand witnesses. 1
E449 .A56 Slavery and the domestic slave-trade in the United States. 1
E449 .A56 1836 Slavery and the domestic slave-trade in the United States. 1
E449 .A57 1993 Anti-abolition tracts and anti-Black stereotypes / 1
E449.A62 The Anti-slavery record. 1
E449 .A63 The Anti-slavery examiner. 1
E449 .A632 Antislavery reconsidered : new perspectives on the abolitionists / 1
E449 .A633 Anti-slavery tracts. 1
E449 .A7 1989 Abolitionism : a revolutionary movement / 1
E449 .A96 1994 Religion and social justice : the case of Christianity and the abolition of slavery in America / 1
E449 .B12 1969 Slavery discussed in occasional essays, from 1833 to 1846. 1