Call Number (LC) Title Results
E470.5 .C83 2011eb To the battles of Franklin and Nashville and beyond : stabilization and reconstruction in Tennessee and Kentucky, 1864-1866 / 1
E470.5 .D36 1991 Soldiering in the Army of Tennessee : a portrait of life in a Confederate army / 1
E470.5 .H81 The Army of Tennessee; a military history, 1
E470.5 +K74 1985 The fight for Chattanooga : Chickamauga to Missionary Ridge / 1
E470.5 .S6 Reunion of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland. 1
E470.65 .B87 The siege of Charleston, 1861-1865 1
E470.65 .J6 The defense of Charleston harbor, including Fort Sumter and the adjacent islands, 1863-1865. 1
E470.65 .J7 1911 The siege of Charleston and the operations on the south Atlantic coast in the war amoung the states, 1
E470.8 .F5 The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War, 1
E470.8 .F5 2 The Mississippi valley in the Civil War. 1
E470.8 .T66 2016 The Civil War on the Mississippi : Union Sailors, Gunboat Captains, and the campaign to control the river / 1
E470.8 .U55 2013 Union heartland : the midwestern home front during the Civil War / 1
E470.9 .C7 1959 The Civil War in the western territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. 1
E470.9 .C727 2013eb v.1 Confederate Generals in the Trans-Mississippi : Volume 1: Essays on America's Civil War. 1
E470.9 .E47 2015 Empire and liberty : the Civil War and the West / 1
E470.9 .H9 1951 The army of the Pacific; its operations in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Plains Region, Mexico, etc., 1860-1866. 1
E470.9 .I72 Backdoor at Bagdad : the Civil War on the Rio Grande / 1
E470.9 .J66 1991 The Civil War in the American West / 1
E470.9 +J67 1986 War on the frontier : the trans-Mississippi West / 1
E470.9 .N45 2020 The three-cornered war : the Union, the Confederacy, and native peoples in the fight for the West / 1