Call Number (LC) Title Results
E58 .B81 The Last Americans: the Indian in American culture. 1
E58 .B875 America's yesterday, 1
E 58 + C3 1959 Episodes from Life among the Indians, and Last rambles. 1
E58 .D538 2000 The settlement of the Americas : a new prehistory / 1
E58 .D78 1964 The Americas on the eve of discovery, 1
E58 .E5 1939 Indians of the Americas; historical pageant 1
E58 .F28 1991 Kingdoms of gold, kingdoms of jade : the Americas before Columbus / 1
E58 .H6 1960 Digging up America. 1
E58 .I45 Image of the New World : the American continent portrayed in native texts / 1
E58 .J6 The Indian heritage of America 1
E58 .K44 2013eb America before the European invasions / 1
E58 .K86 Settling with the Indians : the meeting of English and Indian cultures in America, 1580-1640 / 1
E58 .M36 2007eb Fossil legends of the first Americans / 1
E58 .N2 1955 National Geographic on Indians of the Americas : a color-illustrated record / 1
E58 .R1 The story of the American Indian, 1
E58 .S77 1959 The early inhabitants of the Americas. 1
E58 .T47 Migrations in new world culture history. 1
E58 +W36 The Aztecs, Maya, and their predecessors: archaeology of Mesoamerica. 1
E58 .W55 1990 New world archaeology and culture history : collected essays and articles / 1
E58 .W81 The American Indian; an introduction to the anthropology of the new world. 1