Call Number (LC) Title Results
E742 .C37 1991 Politics, religion, and rockets : essays in twentieth-century American history / 1
E742 .C6 1924 Cobb of "The World," a leader in liberalism; 1
E742 .C66 2006 A companion to post-1945 America / 1
E742 .C8 1940 Public ownership of government; collected papers of Edward P. Costigan. 1
E742 .D26 Readings for opinion, 1
E742 .D73 Being an American, 1
E742 .E45 1999 Centenarians : the story of the 20th century by the Americans who lived it / 1
E742 .E5 1944 The American dream, 1
E742 .H4 Anthology of conservative writing in the United States, 1932-1960; 1
E742 .H81 The troubled conscience: American social issues. 1
E742 .H97 Twentieth-century America; an interpretation with readings, 1
E742 .J7 1944 Return to freedom, the affairs of our time and their impact upon youth, 1
E742 .K93 In the Nation: 1932-1966. 1
E742 .M4 1953 The present danger; four essays on American freedom 1
E742 .M5 1960 On politics : a carnival of buncombe / 1
E742 .M58 1970 America at random : from the New York times' oldest editorial feature, "Topics of the Times," a century of comment on America and Americans / 1
E742 .P3 1930 Statemen and gadflies, 1
E742 .P4 Men and issues; a selection of speeches and articles 1
E742 .R78 Men and policies; addresses. 1
E742 .S68 2006 The best of I.F. Stone / 1