Call Number (LC) Title Results
E78.M67 L96 2003eb W.C. McKern and the Midwestern Taxonomic Method / 1
E78.M7 C64 Masinaigans: the little book; a biography of Monsignor Joseph F. Buh, Slovenian missionary in America, 1864-1922 1
E78.M7 G48 2012eb Archaeology of Minnesota : the prehistory of the upper Mississippi river region / 1
E78.M7G73 2006 Indians in Minnesota. 1
E78.M7 L43 Indians in Minnesota. 1
E78.M73 B33 2007eb Native American place names in Mississippi / 1
E78.M73 P43 2005eb Mississippi archaeology Q & A / 1
E78.M75 B67 2003eb A projectile point guide for the Upper Mississippi River Valley / 1
E78.M75 M66 1998eb The Lower Mississippi Valley expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore / 1
E78.M75 M67 2009 Archaeology of the Central Mississippi Valley. 1
E78.M75.P45 2003 Archaeological Survey in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley 1940-1947. 1
E78.M75P73 Prehistory of the Central Mississippi Valley. 1
E78.M75 T44 2003eb Twelve millennia : archaeology of the upper Mississippi River Valley / 1
E78.M8 C46 The archaeology of Missouri / 1
E78.M8 D3 1961 Five Indian tribes of the upper Missouri; Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, Crows. 1
E78.M8 F7 Antiquities of central and southeastern Missouri / 1
E78.M8 F7a Archeological investigations: I. Cave explorations in the Ozark region of central Missouri. II. Cave explorations in other states. III. Explorations along the Missouri river bluffs in Kansas and Nebraska. IV. Aboriginal house mounds. V. Archeological work in Hawaii / 1
E78.M8 S62 Prehistoric patterns of human behavior : a case study in the Mississippi Valley / 1
E 78 M82 + L52 Introduction to Middle Missouri archeology 1
E78.M82 V54 1984 Views of a vanishing frontier / 1