Call Number (LC) Title Results
E806 .S28613 1992 Diffidence and ambition : the intellectual sources of U.S. foreign policy / 1
E806 .S3 The age of Roosevelt. 1
E806 .S3488 2021eb The sailor : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the transformation of American foreign policy / 1
E806 .S35 1989 Should America go to war? : the debate over foreign policy in Chicago, 1939-1941 / 1
E806 .S358 1994 The new dealers : power politics in the age of Roosevelt / 1
E806 .S46 1966 The thirties; a reconsideration in the light of the American political tradition. 1
E806 .S5 1948 Roosevelt and Hopkins, an intimate history. 1
E806 .S5 1950 Roosevelt and Hopkins, an intimate history. 1
E806 .S52 2007 The forgotten man : a new history of the Great Depression / 1
E806 .S545 2018 This war ain't over : fighting the Civil War in New Deal America / 1
E806 .S59 As we saw the thirties; essays on social and political movements of a decade 1
E806 .S64 To save a nation; American countersubversives, the New Deal, and the coming of World War II 1
E806 .S816 2012eb That broader definition of liberty : the theory and practice of the New Deal / 1
E806 .S83 1964 Rexford Tugwell and the New Deal. 1
E806 .S86 2012 A brand new America : a memoir of the Great Depression and the GI Bill / 1
E806 .S89 Wall Street and FDR / 1
E806 +S92 In this proud land: America 1935-1943 as seen in the FSA photographs. 1
E806 .S97 Forerunners of American fascism. 1
E806 .T1 1952 Back door to war; the Roosevelt foreign policy, 1933-1941. 1
E806 .T31 Hard times; an oral history of the great depression 1