Call Number (LC) Title Results
E835 .E5 1980 The Eisenhower years / 1
E835 .E77 1954ev Sen. Samuel J. Ervin, Jr. (D-NC). 1
E835 .F5 1954 Power and policy; U.S. foreign policy and military power in the hydrogen age. 1
E835 .F5f 1958 Foreign policy: the next phase. 1
E835 .F5f 1960 Foreign policy : the next phase, the 1960s / 1
E835 .F7 Great decisions / 1
E835 .G78 1962 Eighteen acres under glass. 1
E835 .H27 1952ev W. Averell Harriman. 1
E835 .H8 1955 U.S. policy in the Near East, South Asia, and Africa, l954 / by Harry N. Howard. 1
E835 .H86 1953ev Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-MN) (1953). 1
E835 .J28 1953ev Rep. Jacob K. Javits (R-NY). 1
E835 .K4 1966 Realities of American foreign policy / 1
E835 .K6 1962 The necessity for choice; prospects of American foreign policy. 1
E835 .L3 1956 A Republican looks at his party. 1
E835 .L44 1953ev Sen. Herbert H. Lehman (D-NY). 1
E835 .L7 1959 The Communist world and ours. 1
E835 .L9 1956 Revolt of the moderates. 1
E835 .M1 1960 Frontiers in American democracy. 1
E835 .M24 1953ev Sen. Warren G. Magnuson (D-WA). 1
E835 .M27 1954ev Thomas E. Martin. 1