Call Number (LC) Title Results
E835 .P2 1972 Eisenhower and the American crusades 1
E835 .P28 1954ev Rep. Wright Patman (D-TX). 1
E835 .P3 1959 Massive retaliation; the policy and its critics. 1
E835 .P46 Can we end the cold war? A study in American foreign policy. 1
E835 .P68 1954ev Sen. Charles E. Potter (R-MI). 1
E835 .P98 Eisenhower, the President. 1
E835 .R47 1954ev Rep. Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr. (R-NJ). 1
E835 .R47 1955ev Rep. James Roosevelt (D-NY). 1
E835 .R53 The Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower / 1
E835 .R6 1961 Prospect for America: the Rockefeller Panel reports. 1
E835 .R8 1963 National leadership and foreign policy; a case study in the mobilization of public support. 1
E835 .S6 1961 A President's odyssey. 1
E835 .S8 1956 What I think. 1
E835 .S8p 1960 Putting first things first, a Democratic view. 1
E835 .T38 2012 Ike's bluff : president Eisenhower's secret battle to save the world / 1
E835 .T4 1960 Political realism and the crisis of world politics; an American approach to foreign policy. 1
E835 .T49 1953ev Sen. Edward J. Thye (R-MN). 1
E835 .W28 1954ev Sen. Arthur V. Watkins (R-UT). 1
E835 .W38 Reflections of an angry middle-aged editor, 1
E835 .W43 1964 The politican, 1