Call Number (LC) Title Results
E99.Z9 R6 1932 The village of the great kivas on the Zuñi reservation, New Mexico, by Frank H. H. Roberts, jr. 1
E99.Z9 T425 1992 The beautiful and the dangerous : encounters with the Zuni Indians / 1
E99.Z9 T43 1983 The spoken word and the work of interpretation / 1
E 99.3 N3 + B76 A history of the Chaco Navajos / 1
E101 .A15 1991 1492--discovery, invasion, encounter : sources and interpretations / 1
E101 .A28 2008 The discovery of mankind : Atlantic encounters in the age of Columbus / 1
E101 .B8 1933 The explorers of North America, 1492-1806, 1
E101 .B8 1955 The explorers of North America, 1492-1806. 1
E 101 + C97 The discovery of North America 1
E101 .D5 1952 The course of empire / 1
E101 .D62 The Discovery of America. 1
E101 .F45 First images of America : the impact of the New World on the Old / 1
E101 .F5 The discovery of America, 1
E101 .F5 4 The discovery of America, with some account of ancient America and the Spanish conquest. 1
E101 .F5 1892 The discovery of America : with some account of ancient America and the Spanish conquest / 1
E101 .G9 Das zeitalter der entdeckungen / von Prof. Dr. S. Günther. 1
E101 .H3 1961 The discovery of North America; a critical, documentary, and historic investigation, with an essay on the early cartography of the New world, including descriptions of two hundred and fifty maps or globes existing or lost, constructed before the year 1536; to which are added a chronology of one hundred voyages westward, projected, attempted, or accomplished between 1431 and 1504; biographical accounts of the three hundred pilots who first crossed the Atlantic; and a copious list of the original names of American regions, caciqueships, mountains, islands, capes, gulfs, rivers, towns, and harbours. 1
E101 .H77 2008 A voyage long and strange : rediscovering the new world / 1
E101 .K42 Eminent domain; the Louisiana purchase and the making of America. 1
E101 .L2 1955 New found world; how North America was discovered & explored. 1